How To Flirt With A Girl Without Being Creepy

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How to approach and flirt with women that you like without being creepy.
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The first ever study of creepiness was done just a few weeks ago, and it had a really interesting result that men and women think of creepiness differently. Men think of creepiness as taxidermy, scary movies and clowns. Women have those same associations plus one more… Women also associate creepiness with men.

Somewhere in the course of every mans life while he was flirting he has done something creepy. The reason is that men don’t have the same understanding of creepy that women do when flirting.

How to Flirt Time-Stamp Guide:
0:47 The Goldilocks rule of eye contact when flirting and approaching
2:04 Warm Up to social interaction (start making brief eye contact with everyone)
2:44 Add a smile, wave or high five and speak to the women who smile back
3:50 When flirting combine your compliments with jokes to release tension
5:05 1-3 Second touches on the arm are enough to indicate interest without being creepy
6:25 Pay attention to how receptive she is to physical contact and respond accordingly
8:05 Critical Flirting tip avoid making her feel trapped by positioning your own back to the wall

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Title: How To Flirt With A Girl Without Being Creepy
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