How to Create Segments in Google Analytics (5 examples)

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Segments are one of the most useful features in Google Analytics. No question. Once you’re comfortable setting them up, you’ll find yourself using them all the time.

This video shows how to use Google Analytics segments for better data, better decisions and better digital marketing. It walks through five examples of segments:

🔹 1:18 Use segments to remove spam and bot traffic
🔹 2:30 Use segments to remove visitors who log in (requires event tracking)
🔹 5:25 Use segments to check social media traffic (clever RegEx trick)
🔹 8:20 Use segments to measure the effectiveness of video (requires event tracking)
🔹 13:20 Use segments to separate high-intent from low-intent visitors

The video walks through the step-by-step process for each. As you’ll see in the third example of segments (filtering for social media traffic) it recommends using this bit of “RegEx” (a regular expression)…


This how-to video was originally created to supplement this post, which has a detailed step-by-step process with screenshots…

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Title: How to Create Segments in Google Analytics (5 examples)
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