How To Build Safe, Quality Backlinks That Get Results According To Expert Link Builder Jason Malone

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Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Jason Malone from the popular link-building agency ‘We Outreach.’ Jason first got started with digital marketing on the Warrior Forum back in 2010, where he began to specialize in SEO.

Today, his agency is building around 500 links each month to clients in various niches. He joins Jared today to mainly talk about link-building, and boy, do they go deep!

The interview contains expert tips, advice, and reliable information on all things link building.

The conversation starts with Jared asking Jason how website owners can evaluate the difference between good and bad links. The answer involves a solid framework that Jason outlines in-depth. Moreover, the framework goes into what makes a link good and advises which ones are best to ignore.
In addition, Jason highlights how to identify poor links from link farms or PBNs. This advice is helpful for anyone who wants quality website links to keep you out of trouble with Google.

As the chat evolves, the topic moves on to the process of actually building links. Jason walks you through this step-by-step, and if you’ve been looking for advice on making links at scale, this is a must-listen.

Again, no stone is left unturned, and although it can seem slightly complicated, paying close attention is important because the benefits of getting this right can be huge.

The interview closes with tips about niche selection. Jason has seen and worked with many websites in various niches, so he knows what topics are doing well. You also get advice on how to evaluate a niche topic yourself, what to avoid, and more.

Topics Discussed:
Is link building a numbers game?
The different types of sites they make links for
The types of links they build
Which links are the most successful
The factors of link quality
Link relevancy
How to find suitable sites for links
Is a website traffic numbers a vital aspect when receiving a backlink
Risk tolerance
Prospect lists
The three groups of links
Advice for new websites building links
Email outreach tips
Tricks and tips for finding email addresses of website owners
Getting the balance right between quality and quantity
The SEO tool they use for finding good link opportunities
Three-way link exchanges

To say this interview covers a lot is an understatement. At the end of the interview, Jason felt like having a sleep, mainly due to the number of topics covered, so be sure to take notes.
As always, enjoy the episode.

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Title: How To Build Safe, Quality Backlinks That Get Results According To Expert Link Builder Jason Malone
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