How to Build a SaaS SEO Strategy That Drives Product Signups or Demos

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In this video, we share 3 common mistakes companies make when it comes to doing SEO for a SaaS business. Then we share our solution to fix those mistakes and our process for using SEO to drive conversions from content. We share one of our clients Geekbot as an example in the video and discuss how our SEO process applies to their business.

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Pain-Point SEO: How to Produce SEO Content That Drives Conversions

SaaS Content Writing: How to Write Content That Gets Leads & Signups

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Sections in the video:
0:00 Intro: How to build a SEO strategy that drives signups not traffic
0:28 What companies typically do for SaaS SEO
1:11 Why the typical approach to SaaS SEO is flawed
1:33 SaaS company example: Geekbot
3:21 #1 flaw: If you only optimize your homepage for keywords, you limit the keywords you can target
3:59 #2 flaw: Trying to rank for multiple keywords with one page
4:18 #3 flaw: Blog is not used for conversion focused SEO
4:42 SEO conversion data from Geekbot
5:08 Step 1: Figure out keywords to focus on
5:41 Step 2: Create dedicated posts/pages for these keywords
6:15 Step 3: Sell your product
7:27 Recap of SaaS SEO Strategy

By: Grow and Convert
Title: How to Build a SaaS SEO Strategy That Drives Product Signups or Demos
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