How to become a copywriter with no experience, no portfolio, and no degree

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In this video, watch me find a copywriting job online and quickly write a work sample on the spot. You’ll see how I did it, what my thought process was, and how you can create a sample like this yourself to win any type of copywriting job.

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To understand why I developed the Crystal Ball Technique, first I want to explain why most “How to become a copywriter” advice sucks.

The typical route most so-called experts recommend for becoming a copywriter looks something like this:

– Spend a bunch of time learning copywriting
– Spend a bunch of money getting some writing related degree
– Spend a bunch more time building up a portfolio by “writing what you know,” or just making stuff up out of thin air (please don’t do this)
– Beg random people to give you work, usually also offering a massive discount (or worse, doing work for free in hopes that one day they’ll pay)
– And finally, you’re given some vague advice on how to market yourself, usually through methods that are both painstakingly labor intensive, incredibly time consuming, and ineffective


– You end up studying and practicing copywriting for weeks or months without ever doing any real work, when you could have learned faster, better, and more profitably on the job instead
– You’ve wasted a ton of time and energy building up a portfolio that’s full of stuff clients don’t care about, and which you didn’t even need to begin with
– Worst of all, you end up with no clear cut path to finding and securing actual paying clients and real-world work

I can’t tell you how many emails I get from otherwise skilled would-be copywriters who’ve been down this road, only to end up frustrated, confused, and doing a lot of work in exchange for little or no money as they struggle to find good clients and command decent fees.

The Crystal Ball Technique solves all of the above problems, by flipping the traditional “break into copywriting” model on its head.

It’s designed to help you land your first paid gigs upfront, and learn the craft of copywriting quickly as you go…

While initially creating only a minimal number of short writing samples that are virtually guaranteed to impress potential clients.

The best part about the Crystal Ball Technique is that it gives you actionable, step-by-step instructions — the exact steps I used to get my first paying copywriting jobs, within two days of launching my freelance copywriting career.

In other words, you’re not about to learn theory of how to become a copywriter, you’re going to learn how to actually become one.

Watch the video to find out how, and read the full guide on Freelance To Win here:

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