How to Become a Content Strategist

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== What this job is about ==

Marketing is a vast career category. Even as the world has undergone a massive digital transformation over the past 12 months, there are multiple subdisciplines — or areas of expertise — in which marketing professionals can choose to specialize.

This includes go-to-market strategy, content/copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, public relations/influence marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, graphic design, UI UX design, website development, and website/app development.

In a smaller company, you’ll be expected to take on more of these roles yourself or coordinate with outside contractors and agencies. In a larger company, you’ll almost always be able to specialize.

== Who is a good fit for it ==

A marketing career today requires that you be open to continually reinventing your career path every two to three years. Most industry certifications expire either annually or bi-annually for a good reason: the pace of change is that fast.

In nearly all environments, marketing professionals are expected to have excellent written or verbal communications skills, as you’ll almost always need to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

== Any other factors to consider about working in this field ==

Yes, as your marketing career advances, you’ll likely end up specializing in marketing for a certain kind of company or a certain kind of specialization within marketing.

Early on, I’d place a significant premium on gaining opportunities to sample lots of different kinds of companies and marketing responsibilities, to find (a) what you’re good at and (b) what you’re most passionate about.

As digital transformation continues to run more industries into technology-centric industries, marketing professionals also can collaborate with other teams throughout an organization.

For example, digital marketers who come from a sales-related background or enjoy working with sales professionals can specialize in sales enablement.

Digital marketers who come from a customer service-related background or enjoy working with customer success professionals can specialize in customer marketing.

Digital marketers who come from a product design- or product development/coding-related background or enjoy working with product builders can specialize in product marketing.

== What can you expect in studying marketing ==

When studying marketing, place a premium on any courses and professors where you have hands-on opportunities to work on real-life projects. Doing customer insight research for buyer personas, creating a content calendar, building and growing a blog or social media profile, or storyboarding a video campaign are all areas that will serve you well in entry-level marketing roles.

I’m a huge believer too in supplementing classroom instruction with meaningful internships and related part-time jobs.

Students will almost certainly have opportunities to volunteer to take the lead on marketing-related projects for student organizations. It’s never too early to start building your portfolio and showing cool marketing campaigns on your LinkedIn profile.

During college, my own experience in sampling part-time and summer jobs in everything from accounting to healthcare to marketing/selling hardware helped shape my career path in a big-time way.

== Are there types of marketing jobs that are different from others, for example, marketing for nonprofit organizations vs. private companies ==

== What types of people do well in marketing ==

== Are there job duties that some people may like or dislike ==

== some perks or unexpectedly fun or enjoyable aspects of working in marketing ==

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