How Luke Korns Makes Travel Videos MILLIONS Watch

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00:00 Intro
00:51 Editing Breakdown On How To Edit Travel Videos
11:22 Editing With Your Heart
12:03 Riverside is the best video podcasting tool
13:18 How To Research A Travel Video
16:19 How To Find Story When Filming
20:07 How To Find The Deep End
21:32 Using Voiceovers In Editing
24:23 Join The JuiceClub
25:32 Trackclub has bloody good music
26:18 Content Warning
26:33 Luke’s Greenland Video Editing Breakdown
31:46 Be Messy With Your Editing
32:45 Edit With Your Heart, Not Your Mind
35:04 What Is Luke’s Editing Vision?
36:19 How Much Should You Film?
37:57 Macro Visualising Your Editing
40:25 Edit How You Feel, Now What You Think

We talk to travel filmmaker, @LukeKorns renowned for his unique storytelling style on YouTube. Luke prioritizes personal narratives over traditional landmarks, a refreshing approach that’s earned him a distinct place in the world of travel vlogging.
This Podcast explores Luke’s filmmaking technique, unveiling how he creates captivating narratives. Learn about his unique blend of instinctive editing, impactful sound effects, and direct B-roll footage, elements that collectively breathe life into his stories.
Experience a spontaneous journey from a passport mishap to an exploration of Morocco’s desert. We delve into Luke’s deep connection with a local named Iman and how this relationship influenced the storytelling process.
This video offers insights into the process of creating travel content that resonates with viewers, emphasizing authenticity, and the crucial role of music and visuals. A valuable resource for filmmakers seeking to deepen their storytelling techniques and anyone interested in the creative process behind engaging travel content.
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By: The Editing Podcast
Title: How Luke Korns Makes Travel Videos MILLIONS Watch
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