How Jason Mills Makes $3k+ Per Month From A 6-Month Old Blog With 41 Posts

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Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuit podcast is Jason Mills. Jason chats with Jared about aged domains and blog creation. In particular, the focus is on an aged domain case study website he started six months ago, which currently earns him a monthly income of over $3000 with only 41 articles live.

Jason shares the entire process from the start of the case study. He talks about niche selection, the metrics used to determine what makes a good aged domain choice, and what goes through his mind when deciding on a suitable domain.

They discuss the first month of the case study, the indexation issues he experienced, and what he did to overcome these problems when getting started.

Jason details keyword research and how he decides what type of articles to write for the blog. He shares his monetization methods, which involve private affiliate networks and highlights the ups and downs of using these networks. You get to learn how he finds good affiliate programs and how to spot the ones not doing so well.

Other Topics Discussed:
* The Power of an aged domain
* Transitioning from a teacher to a website creator
* Plan of attack for the website
* Content creation & strategy
* The overall income goal he has just hit
* Balancing clients and affiliate marketing
* How the case study started
* Cost of the domain
* Due diligence for buying aged domains
* The Importance of backlinks for a domain
* Tweaking the brand of an aged domain name
* Affiliate program payouts
* SEO plugins
* Dealing with businesses approaching you
* Jason’s plan for the future of the website.
* Plus, much more.

His website is still pretty new, just six months old, and it’s performing really well. Moreover, it’s stayed the course even with the latest Google updates, so Jason’s strategy is solid, exciting and helpful for us all.

In addition, Jason has a Youtube channel that he shares during the interview. His channel documents other websites he owns and features a playlist directly related to this aged domain case study. You can also access the domain name for a limited time, so it’s entirely trackable to see keywords used, and you can dig through the website to look at its content and monetization methods.

Once again, it’s another insightful episode, so be sure to take notes and enjoy the interview.

Links & Resources:
* Jason’s Twitter Account @nichejason –
* Jason’s YouTube Channel — The Affiliate School –

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Title: How Jason Mills Makes $3k+ Per Month From A 6-Month Old Blog With 41 Posts
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