How do Metaverses and NFTs affect Fashion? Interview with Anastasiia Komarnytska, a CMO in Web3

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How and why to attract people to Web3? How to convey the value of a product focused on the digital future? Why do Web3 startups need to eliminate snobbery and focus on the mass adoption of technologies?

I invite you to watch an interview with Anastasiia Komarnytska, a marketer who works with brands worldwide and is an expert in working with fashion brands in Web3 and Metaverses.

Anastasia lives in Manchester and is well-versed in the British Web3 community. The conversation was, as usual, amicable and full of interesting cases. We discussed the secrets of the success of Roblox, DressX, and Gucci; and the challenges luxury brands face in the fight for the new generation.

Enjoy watching, and see you soon!

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00:00 – Welcoming Anastasiia and her intro: professional background, interest in blockchain and web3 technologies.
02:20 – What does Anastasiia do as a CMO working with Web3-oriented projects?
04:05 – Which Web3 or metaverse project does Anastasiia like in terms of product value and communication with the audience?
07:08 – About collaboration with Metaverse Fashion Council.
09:10 – Web3 community in Manchester and the United Kingdom.
10:22 – Which classic fashion brands are good at entering Web3?
12:10 – Will metaverses be able to replace real-life interaction?
14:45 – What are the critical points in the promotion of Web3 products?
17:26 – Is Web3 education crucial in the niche?
20:45 – Women in Web3 Trend: is this a vital direction or just marketing positioning on an active target audience?
24:10 – Anastasiiaโ€™s advice for all who are entering Web3.

By: Daria’s Strategy
Title: How do Metaverses and NFTs affect Fashion? Interview with Anastasiia Komarnytska, a CMO in Web3
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