Helsinki Data Science Meetup: Data Science Best Practices

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In this special edition, there will be two panel discussions.


00:00 Welcoming words from DAIN Studios
08:00 Welcoming words from OP Financial
12:33 Best practice is…
16:49 Panel 1: MLOps and productization of analytics
1:01:00 Presentation: Citizen Data Science Journey at OP
1:12:30 Panel 2: How to enable Citizen Data Science

The first is about MLOps. Here Neelabh Kashyap (Kone), JP Salmenkaita (Elisa), and Hanna Saarinen (OP) will talk about recent advances in machine learning.

The second panel discussion is about Citizen Data Science. In this session, Clemens Westrup (Sanoma), Sami Ahma-Aho (Neste) and Juha Vesanto (OP) will discuss future opportunities for those data professionals without formal training in mathematics and statistics.

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By: DAIN Studios
Title: Helsinki Data Science Meetup: Data Science Best Practices
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