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0:00 – 0:30 – Intro
0:31 – 0:51 – Video Summary
0:52 – 7:23 – Facial care
7:24 – 14:04 – Oral care
14:05 – 24:21 – Body care
24:22 – 26:30 – Hair care
26:31 – 33:49 – Fragrances
33:50 – 34:05 – Ending summary
34:06 – 34:14 – Outro

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Bryan Carreto, CPA

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On this channel I am not trying to sell you anything other than hard work and sweat. If you do the work and stay disciplined, I promise you that you will succeed.

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My Mission:
My goal on this channel is to help all of the young professionals out there wanting to excel in their careers and in life.

So please stay tuned.

Until next time work hard and dress well

-Bryan Carreto, CPA

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Title: Grooming for Professionals | CPA Lifestyle
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