GRIMPATH: Unleashing a New Era of Storytelling & Gaming!

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Grimpath is the new TCG meets Wargame experience that you need to know about! In this video Jens and Sofie talk to the creator of the Grimpath, David Gardner!
We explore the creation of the game, as well as the flavour, fun, and fantasy that is the world of Grimpath.

We take you behind the scenes of the creation of a TCG/wargame and David shares his experience and advice for anyone thinking about making their own game.

Thank you so much to David for taking the time to have this awesome cardboard conversation! Grimpath is currently gearing up for going into playtesting, please do join the amazing community on Discord:

Check out the game and keep updated here:

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By: Cardboard Guide
Title: GRIMPATH: Unleashing a New Era of Storytelling & Gaming!
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