Google Pagespeed Insights Reporting Tool How To Improve Your Performance Score

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Google Pagespeed Insights Reporting Tool: How To Improve Your Performance Score

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In this video, I will show you a way to increase your Google Pagespeed Insights performance report score in WordPress. I will show you step-by-step what you will need to do to dramatically increase your score.

In this video, I demonstrate to you how I increased my score from a 22 to a 91. Please keep in mind that your results will vary, based on your web hosting you currently have. For example, if you have a shared web hosting plan, your score might not be as high as if you had a dedicated server.

There are many metrics that Pagespeed Insights gives you, but in this video, we will only be focusing on performance. You can scroll down further and see all the opportunities you have to improve your website.
The higher your performance score, the more likely that your website will be indexed by Google (and maybe even higher rankings!)

Thank you for watching my video on how to increase your Google Pagespeed Insights performance. If you found this video easy to follow, please like this video below, subscribe to my channel and be sure to comment below. See you in the next video!

What Is Google Pagespeed Insights?

Pagespeed Insights is a performance tracking tool that helps you understand the performance of your website. It analyzes the front-end of your website to determine whether it is optimized for speed, resulting in a faster experience for users. Most SEO agencies aim to achieve a page speed of three seconds or less.

The report lists the top opportunities to improve page speed. It also gives you an estimate of the impact of each issue. The orange score shows that your site is performing at the top 25% of all sites. The other four metrics are less important to Google, so you should focus on those first.

The Google Pagespeed Insights site will also measure your site’s Core Web Vitals score, which is an important factor in your SERPs rankings. These values are calculated by Google and measure how your website is viewed by visitors. This score is important because it identifies the user journey.

PageSpeed Insights is one of Google’s evangelistic activities, which offers website performance metrics. While this tool is not a substitute for technical SEO expertise, it is a valuable tool to determine the problems with your site. It can help you prioritize the items that need to be fixed on your website.

Google Pagespeed Insights can also identify images that need to be optimized. These can help your site load faster. This can help you improve your search engine ranking and improve your website’s user experience. The service also offers suggestions for improving page load times and bounce rates. These insights can make your site more user-friendly and increase your conversion rate.

PageSpeed Insights is a free web performance tool from Google that can help you improve the speed and ease of your site. The tool evaluates your website against 15 rules and gives you suggestions for improving performance. The results are easy to understand and include links to additional resources. Google uses real user monitoring to capture data about the speed of web pages.

If you want to increase traffic and increase conversion rates, PageSpeed Insights is an invaluable tool. The software calculates how fast your web pages load and provides suggestions for addressing the issues. It can also give you a detailed report of your site’s performance. PageSpeed Insights is available to both desktop and mobile users.

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Title: Google Pagespeed Insights Reporting Tool How To Improve Your Performance Score
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