Google Optimize is going away. What now?!

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Google is sunsetting Optimize on September 30th 2023, so how do you keep your experimentation program running? Optimizely can help. We offer the world’s leading experimentation platform. We’re recommended by Google. And right now, we’ve got an exclusive discount offer to welcome Google Optimize customers on board.

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00:00 Introductions
00:46 Who is Optimizely?
03:02 Product overview
06:33 A/B testing demo
07:27 Creating your experiment
09:20 Setting up an audience
14:25 Allocating traffic
16:46 Adding Google Analytics 4
19:07 Evaluating results
21:10 Who’s it for?
24:26 Who already use it
27:11 Bringing it home

By: Optimizely
Title: Google Optimize is going away. What now?!
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