Google Analytics vs. Hotjar – Which one should you use?

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In this video we learn how to use Google Analytics and Hotjar together. While Google Analytics shows us what’s happening on our website, Hotjar shows us why it happens. Hotjar adds context to Google Analytics data and answers behavioral questions about your visitors and customers, giving you product experience insights that are missing from Google Analytics.

Here at MeasureSchool we use both tools together because they give us very different insights into our site users.

*This video is sponsored by Hotjar

0:52 – Using Google Analytics
2:30 – When to Use Hotjar?
4:05 – Heatmaps
5:11 – Scroll Tracking
6:05 – Live Recordings
9:21 – Surveys
13:14 – How to Use GA & Hotjar together (My process)
14:07 – Summary

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Title: Google Analytics vs. Hotjar – Which one should you use?
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