Google Analytics Tutorial with Step by Step Walkthrough

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In this video we’re gonna do a complete walkthrough tutorial on Google Analytics and Google Analytics is the most powerful free tool you could ever ask for. And it’s really amazing that Google does provide this service for free and we’re gonna go over how to use it a lot of people have no idea what to do and if you don’t have Google Analytics installed yet you need to do that as soon as possible it’s best if you have from day one of starting your store but then the question I get all the time is what do I do once I have all this data how do I use this data to improve my store and that’s what we’re gonna do so we’re gonna go over eight different things on how to use Google Analytics plus some more advanced tips at the end eight things are we’re gonna look at source /medium AdWords if you’re using AdWords Google Analytics can be very helpful behavior transactions goals funnels audience and segments so I’m gonna we’re gonna talk about all these and we’re gonna start with what I think is the most important thing and that is the source /medium so if you go to acquisition all traffic source /medium this is the one thing people always ask me what’s the one thing in Google Analytics you look at the most and it’s this and so I want to show you a few different things one you can change the date up here so let’s say you wanted to do from August 22nd all the way to August 28th 2017 so that’s a that’s a year’s worth the date and this is a lot of data now keep in mind one of the problems with Google Analytics is it won’t tell you if there’s an offline purchase so my revenue is actually higher than this by quite a lot but a lot of our revenue came in the form of phone calls. So you can set Google Analytics up so it will work with that but this is predominantly website traffic and website sales. So I’m gonna even go a little bit more narrow just not to give away too much great information let’s go let’s go to there I don’t wanna give up all the secrets to my website. So first off you can look at this period so let’s look at June 1st to August 28th and you can just keep it like this I’ll show you one other trick if you want to you can click this compare button and compare it to the previous year or the previous period but that’s something a little bit more advanced maybe we’ll get into later in this video. I’ll just show you really quick how that works because it’s kind of a cool tool. So you can see that all right last year I had this much or you know last year this year I’ve had about seven thousand eight hundred last year I had seven thousand eight hundred coming from Google PPC. So I just wanted to give a little quick bit about that but let’s actually get into the real thing here so once you are on source /medium these right here will tell you the channels that you’re getting traffic from so Google CPC. So that’s paid advertising Google organic that’s organic traffic from Google Pinterest DIY pins I these are pins from Pinterest. I can show you guys if you’re interested in a different video basically it’s from Pinterest we have special DIY pins direct slash none is if people type in B dancewear com. Bing CPC is paid ads from Bing this is a specific email that we sent out this is from Facebook Pinterest and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Now this is just gonna automatically show the first ten if I want to I can show even more. So we get a ton of traffic from a ton of different sources let’s focus on for instance Google organic. So this is the number of people that came within this period of time to the website this is the percentage of new sessions people that this is their first time on the website this is the new users. So that’s just you know using that data to calculate how many new users come to the website
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By: Travis Marziani
Title: Google Analytics Tutorial with Step by Step Walkthrough
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