Google Analytics 2021 Beginners Tutorial

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Google Analytics have you confused? Go from beginner to expert in this complete analytics crash course that will give you the basics to getting started and the advanced strategies you need to take your tracking to the next level. Build, plan, and grow your site and sales with fresh insights on how to quickly analyze how to best optimize your site.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Analytics Structure
5:00 – Tag Install
5:12 – Traffic Sources
6:25 – Google Analytics 4 (Traffic Sources)
8:53 – Universal Analytics (Traffic Sources)
11:06 – Prospect Demographics
11:41 – Universal Analytics (Prospect Demographics)
16:15 – Google Analytics 4 (Prospect Demographics)
18:36 – Audience Behavior
19:21 – Universal Analytics (Audience Behavior)
21:33 – Google Analytics 4 (Audience Behavior)
25:06 – Leads Actions
26:09 – Universal Analytics (Leads Actions)
26:34 – Google Analytics 4 (Leads Actions)
27:13 – Optimize Tracking
33:00 – Outro

Google Analytics 2021 Beginners Tutorial

Leverage the power of google analytics to know where your traffic is coming from and increase your conversions.

In this google analytics tutorial 2021, you’re going to learn how to use google analytics. We’ll show you how to use the old version which is Universal Analytics and the new guy in town which is Google Analytics 4. We will show you how to track data in parallel so you’ll understand the difference between the two versions.

If you feel it sounds so confusing, don’t worry! This google analytics overview will help you understand the google analytics basics and the reports you need to take note of.

Now, what does Google Analytics do? Why is it important when it comes to your digital analytics?

Google Analytics provides you a tool to analyze your website traffic and gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers. It finds your users and tells you how they behave when they are on your site.

Your Google Analytics event tracking is done through a piece of tracking code – the google analytics property tracking id or the UA Code for Universal Analytics, and the Measurement ID for the google analytics 4.

Of course, the best way to install Google Analytics is through google tag manager.

Likewise, in this google analytics tutorial for beginners, we’ll go through the google analytics interface and show you a click-by-click guide on how to install google analytics on your site.

The data from google analytics is the reason why digital marketing is way better than traditional marketing. It gives you real-time data.

Through these data you’ll know where your visitors are coming from and how they behave. Also, it’s easier to track your conversions when you have Google Analytics installed on your site.

There may be other Google Analytics alternatives but our focus right now is Google Analytics. Why? Because it’s Google and it’s FREE.

Now, the key to success here is using both the Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 on your site. Also, you need to practice, practice, practice. GA has a learning curve and it’s quite steep.

Another important thing you can do inside Google Analytics is that you can track the specific content that drives traffic to our site. This is possible with the use of UTM parameters which we will also discuss in this google analytics tutorial.

Start tracking your website visitors and become a master in Google Analytics. Get started with Google Analytics the right way!

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