Google Ads Getting Clicks But No Conversions – Why Call-Only Ads Are Getting Clicks But No Calls?

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All right, my Google Ads account started from a week ago, starting 23 days. Okay. I got good calls. Everything going good. But for the last four days, I’m getting no calls. Daily 1 to 3 clicks, that’s it. And the impressions are about 215 to 250. Like, call ad only I’m running. Please give me a solution. Okay, so what I understand is you started your campaign about 23 days ago. You were getting good calls. You don’t specify how many calls you were getting, and now how many calls has it dropped down to? So by the looks of it, what has happened is a couple of things. You may have inadvertently put in a negative keyword, which is blocking the traffic.

Another thing could be you may have changed something with the bids, where a lot of people try to make changes far too quickly and start reducing the target CPA. That could be an issue. Or reduce the keyword bids. That could be an issue. So that’s why you’re not getting the impressions because what I can see over here is you’re saying you only getting 1 to 3 clicks. If you’re getting one click and you get one call, then your conversion rate needs to be 100%.

And it can be, but not every day. So you need a lot more clicks and a lot more impressions. Impressions 215 and 250 is nothing. So you need to increase the bids. And the third thing, which I would say is maybe lots of competitors have come in and started bidding aggressively. So you are losing out. You are being outranked and outbidding by your competitors. I will look at these three things without looking at your actual campaign. I can’t tell you what should be done. But these are the things which I will start looking at.

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By: SF Digital Studios
Title: Google Ads Getting Clicks But No Conversions – Why Call-Only Ads Are Getting Clicks But No Calls?
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