Goodbye Universal Analytics – What you need to know now!

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Join us in our first Podcast in which we are going to go over the latest news regarding Google Analytics Universal and its final replacement with GA4.


00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – General Overview GA News
03:21 – What Will Happen to UA Accounts?
06:57 – What Would Be the Next Steps?
09:53 – Differences Between GA4 and UA?
13:52 – Is GA4 Ready?
18:33 – Migrate data from UA to GA4
21:44 – Set Up GA4 or UA?
23:23 – Migrating Data, Conversions and Event Tracking to GA4
25:16 – Define Custom Default Channel Groupings
26:26 – GDS, GA4 and UA Data Blending
27:17 – GA4 Advantages over UA
30:03 – How Much Data Should be Exported from UA?
32:04 – Data Exporting Differences
33:50 – GA4 Need Users to be Logged in to be Tracked?
36:40 – GA Bootcamp and Analytics Certifications
38:18 – Wrap Up

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Title: Goodbye Universal Analytics – What you need to know now!
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