GOC Update- Google’s Online Challenge 5th Nov Test | GOC Next Round | Questionnaire Meet

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Examples of behavioral questions
Describe a specific problem you solved for an employer or team. How did you approach the problem? What role
did others play? What was the outcome?
Things to consider for your answer:
● Examples from your past experience where you demonstrated behaviors and skills applicable to
the role you’re applying for.
● Who you involved and how you influenced them.
● Challenges you faced and how you dealt with them.
Describe two specific goals you set for yourself and how successful you were in meeting them. What factors
led to your success?
Things to consider for your answer:
● Your objectives—be clear on those up front.
● Reasons you chose those particular goals.
● Any measures you set up to track progress.
● Obstacles you overcome and things learned along the way.
Tell me about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What did you fail to do? What did you learn?
What’s a hypothetical question?
While behavioral questions assess your past performance, hypothetical (also known as situational) questions
evaluate how you would handle a challenge you may not have encountered yet
Questions often begin with “Imagine that…” and are designed to assess your thought process rather than “right”
or “wrong” solutions. We don’t use brain teasers, but instead want to know how you would approach a typical
problem scenario that is related to the role or that Googlers have faced in the past. A strong answer will illustrate
or include:
● An understanding of the problem: D​ id you display a general understanding of the question asked by
outlining what experiences and factors are relevant to solve the problem and what additional work needs
to be done?
● Thoughtful problem solving​: Are you gathering information in order to address specific factors or pulling
from specific experience? Are you thinking about how to gather information or conduct research and
how to use that information to solve the problem? Are you getting to the root cause?

● Support for your solutions​: Are you providing rationale for why a certain solution is best, despite
previously stated pros and cons? Did you describe potential success metrics to support your solution?
● Strong communication​: Are your responses structured and logical, do you balance brevity and detail?
Examples of hypothetical questions:
Imagine you are in charge of organizing the grand opening of a new Google office in Bangalore, India. What
steps would you take to plan this event?
Things to Consider for your answer:
● The objective of the event, and measurement of success.
● Who will be invited to the event.
● Logistics around the event, set-up, location, timing.
● Stakeholders to involve in the process.
Imagine you are working on Gmail and a competitor starts charging a $5 monthly fee for their product. How
would you assess this situation, and what recommendation would you make to your team?
Things to Consider for your answer:
● How this change impacts the market.
● Target users and the impact of fees on them and their behavior.
● Pros and the cons of your recommendation.
● How you would assess if this was a sustainable model moving forward.
General tips for success
● Listen carefully. Rephrasing questions or asking for clarity is okay, as is telling the interviewer you want
time to collect your thoughts.
● Be concise. Make sure you’re answering the question and not using a prepared example that isn’t
applicable or related to the questions.
● Don’t worry about giving the right answer. The interviewer will be looking to see the thought process
versus the answer itself. Expect follow-up questions.
● Come prepared with thoughtful questions (e.g., team priorities, culture, etc.) Google could help you grow
your career.

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Title: GOC Update- Google’s Online Challenge 5th Nov Test | GOC Next Round | Questionnaire Meet
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