GetResponse: How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch (52.68% Conversion Rate)

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Watch behind my shoulder as I build out a GetResponse landing page (with a 52.68% conversion rate!) from scratch!

Let’s build out a high-converting GetResponse landing page together starting with a blank page.

We are using a template provided by Unbounce that has a high conversion rate based on thousands of website visitors.

We already built out this same high-converting landing page in Unbounce, Thrive Themes and ClickFunnels, so check those videos out as well, but now it’s time for GetResponse!

👉 Creating a 52.68% conversion rate landing page in Unbounce:

👉 Creating a 52.68% conversion rate landing page in ClickFunnels:

👉 Creating a 52.68% conversion rate landing page in Thrive Themes:

GetResponse is really meant to be an autoresponder software, however it also offers the capability to build out landing pages.

In this video we create a GetResponse landing page from scratch, so let me quickly show you how to do it.

If you already have GetResponse, hopefully this video will show you around and help you build out a landing page.

If you don’t have GetResponse, then hopefully this video will help you decide if you like this page builder and determine if it’s right for you.

GetResponse also offers a free 30-day trial, so check it out via my affiliate link here if you haven’t signed up yet:

👉 GetResponse free 30-day trial:

When you first sign in, you have to click on “landing pages” on the top-left of the screen.

From here on, you can either select an existing template or just build a page completely from scratch. Now even if you do select a “blank page”, you still have to delete some of the elements provided so you can REALLY start with a blank slate.

Once you select the template, you would use the drag-and-drop builder on the right-hand side to add elements, such as text or images.

This builder is flexible, so you can move it wherever you want to.

The first box on the builder is the “section”.

This is the main background box where you will have all your content stored.

Unlike ClickFunnels or Thrive Themes, you don’t need to add any “rows”.

You will simply add the actual elements – the building blocks of your GetResponse landing page.

The good thing about GetResponse is that just like Unbounce, you have full control over where you want to put the elements – they DON’T have to be placed in pre-existing blocks measured exactly the same way.

That means that you do have to eye and measure everything manually, but if you want to place an image slightly to the left of the optin form example, you can easily do that without needing to code.

In terms of the specific elements, you have many different options you can choose from.

This includes buttons, text, images, video blocks, countdown timers, and so on.

I encourage you play around with the builder yourself now that you know how it works and try out all or some of these elements yourself.

In my experience of building out a landing page, GetResponse could get quite a bit buggy and you might have a hard time moving or editing some elements.

But once you get used it and give it enough patience, it will be alright, especially considering that it’s not a standalone landing page builder, so it does well for what it costs.

Once you create the GetResponse landing page, you might want to take people to the specific autoresponder so you can start sending them emails.

If you haven’t created an autoresponder yet, check out my video here where I show you how to create one:


And if you want to see my own personal autoresponder sequence along with some best practices, you can check it out here:


Also, if you want to take people to a specific page after signing up, you can enter the URL you want to take people to on the next page after saving your landing page.

In our example we set the first button to “stay on current page”, however you can easily create a thank you page and take people to the thank you page instead.

For the 2nd button on our landing page, we wanted people to scroll back up to the top, so we selected the “scroll to” option on that specific button and made it take people to the first section of the page.

And that’s how you create a GetResponse landing page!

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Title: GetResponse: How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch (52.68% Conversion Rate)
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