Gamification Creates a Better Buying Experience with Joe Tomal

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This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Joe Tomal, Head of Global Enterprise Sales at Convincely. Joe starts today’s conversation by sharing the company’s expansion to North America, a milestone, and how they bring to this new market their gamified customer engagement methods.

Joe also discusses how they conduct their A/B testing to provide constantly updated data on how their customers want to be sold to. This not only gives back more accurate data for marketing and sales but ultimately gives the customer an overall better buying experience. Joe also gives his tips on tenacity and motivation so sellers can make their job their own business and find success.


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Have the tenacity and determination to treat your sales job as your own business – Joe: “I think a lot of it is just tenacity, motivation, and determination. I think you have to be in a position where you’re always one that stays focused. But you always have to treat it like as your own business. And I know people always say that, it’s kind of cliche, but think about it. If you decided to take the career in sales, you have to treat it as your own business.”

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Title: Gamification Creates a Better Buying Experience with Joe Tomal
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