Gambling round table [WEBINAR]

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Anastasia Kazakova: RichAds Cheif Commercial Officer
Nikita Lee: RevenueLab Affiliate Team Lead
Jane Zim: iGamingCombo Product Manager
Kirill Mamzilov: 1win Partners Affiliate Team Lead

• Gambling in 2022: results of the outgoing year
• How to choose casino offers in 2023
• Popular sources of the upcoming year
• Creatives and landing pages: what will work
• Predictions for 2023: what’s new?
• Experts’ case studies
• Q&A session

Time codes:
00:00 Start
01:39 Intro + 2022 sports events
03:23 Speakers
06:48 RichAds overview
10:12 RichAds best gambling GEOs
11:24 1win Partners Intro
14:01 iGamingCombo Intro
15:12 RevenueLab Intro
15:50 Agenda + additional materials
17:54 What changes have you noticed regarding the Gambling vertical if we compare it with 2021?
20:48 Frequent mistakes affiliates used to make this year when launching gambling campaigns?
23:43 Do you have some tips for marketers on successful launches for the coming year?
26:56 Can you share the criteria for making the right choice with our viewers? Maybe there are some specific red flags that they should avoid.
31:09 Payment methods in Brasil: common problems
35:42 What about seasonality? Do you agree that there are best offers for specific seasons?
39:18 What traffic sources will gain more popularity in 2023?
46:43 Creatives trends for 2023?
49:00 Is pre-landing essential for Gambling, or will direct link work best?
52:20 Any difference in terms of the number of fields the user needs to feel in during registration?
58:30 Do you guys think 2023 will change much in the Gambling industry? Predictions in terms of best GEOs for the coming year?
01:00:50 Q&A session
01:27:23 Bonuses & Contacts

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Title: Gambling round table [WEBINAR]
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