Freelancer Sales Tips (3 Things to STOP Doing)

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Want more sales as a freelancer? Sometimes you’ve got to stop looking for new ways to do things and take a look at what you’re currently doing.

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Many times, the way to make more sales is to assess our current technique and cut out the bad stuff. Here are my freelance sales tips:

1) Stop doubting yourself – if you’re unconfident, the client will be able to tell

2) Stop having just one thing to sell – meet people where they’re at by offering multiple options to work together

3) Stop focusing on need (and start focusing on WANT)

This is all about putting the prospect in the driving seat and helping them to believe in their own goals. When you doubt yourself or try to drive the prospect down a specific path (one that they don’t want) the chance of making the sale is significantly reduced. So if you’re looking to learn how to make sales as a freelancer, be sure to cut these habits from your pitches.

By: Matt Saunders
Title: Freelancer Sales Tips (3 Things to STOP Doing)
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