Free Google Ads Course 2022 – Complete Step-By-Step Google AdWords Tutorial

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Check out my free Google Ads course, where I show you how to set-up different Google AdWords campaigns. You can get started with your first Google Ads campaign with ease by following my campaign. I will cover conversion tracking, billing, creating a Google AdWords account, setting up Google Ads search campaigns, performance max ads, discovery ads, display ads, youtube ads, remarketing ads, call-only ads, and more. You can learn everything you need to know about targeting, landing pages, and driving conversions with Google Ads.

Video Chapters:

0:01:20 Setting up a Google Ads account
0:02:45 Setting up your Google Ads billing
0:04:42 Setting up conversion tracking
0:20:37 Enable Google Ads Remarketing
0:31:04 Google Ads Search Campaign Tutorial
1:16:46 Google Ads Performance Max Tutorial
1:33:58 Google Discovery Ads Tutorial
1:52:10 Google Display Ads Tutorial
2:22:49 YouTube Advertising Tutorial
2:55:09 Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial
3:25:13 Google Ads Call Campaigns Tutorial

Video Description:

I will start by creating a brand new Google Ads account. I will show you how I use the full version of Google AdWords so we can skip campaign creation at the beginning. Once we have our account, we need to set-up our billing method for how we will pay for our advertising campaigns. Next, you are ready to run a campaign, but you need to set-up conversion tracking. If you don’t have conversion tracking set-up properly, you won’t be able to optimize your campaigns easily.

Once we have conversion tracking all set-up properly for our Key Performance Indicators, we are ready to create a Google Ads search campaign. I will show you exactly how I target keywords, do Google AdWords keyword research, create responsive search ads, create ad extensions, create ad groups, and more.

Then, I will set-up a Google Ads performance max campaign, a Google Ads discovery campaign, a Google Ads display campaign, a YouTube Advertising campaign, a Google Ads Remarketing campaign, and a Google Ads Call campaign. No matter what goal you are trying to achieve, we have you covered here.

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Title: Free Google Ads Course 2022 – Complete Step-By-Step Google AdWords Tutorial
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