Episode 108: Aparna & Shuvangi | Tarot Cards, Geopolitics | Sushant Pradhan Podcast

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Aparna Paudyal is a Tarot card reader and a spiritual guide. Shuvangi is an International relations student and a political researcher. This is a fun podcast where they talk about spirituality, healing, global affairs, manifestation, belief, and much more.

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Conversations spark ideas and ideas lead to actions that drive growth of the society. I believe long and unfiltered deep conversation is a lost art in this near perfectly presented world. And this is my attempt to have real conversations with real minds and present them to you. The goal is to learn from the greatest minds and take you on the journey.
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DISCLAMER : The views, information or opinions expressed in the YouTube Channel and Podcast are solely the views of the individuals involved and by no means represent absolute facts. Opinions expressed by the host and guests can change at any time.
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– HOST: Sushant Pradhan
– MANAGER: Suman Acharya
– PRODUCER: Biraj Neupane
– EDITOR: Ujjal Ale Magar

00:00 Energy & Crystal ball
03:56 Astrology & Zodiacs
08:09 Manifestation
14:38 Tarot reading stories
18:26 Live Tarot Reading
24:41 How Tarot works
37:56 Podcast | Geopolitics| War
57:44 Rights & Leftist | Perception
01:05:57 Gods | Religion | Karma
01:15:17 Communication | Social media
01:23:12 Political Correctness
01:29:09 Podcast & Criticisms
01:43:46 Questions & Responses
01:47:30 Travel
01:55:57 911 & child abuse
02:07:03 Mental health services
02:14:00 Crystal Gaze
02:16:11 Rhino | Wild Photography
02:22:24 Airport Incidents
02:25:45 Travel & Camp
02:34:43 Herbs & Psychedelics
02:55:50 Covid & Possibilities of War
02:59:38 Balance in Life

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By: Sushant Pradhan
Title: Episode 108: Aparna & Shuvangi | Tarot Cards, Geopolitics | Sushant Pradhan Podcast
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfPXQgoZ-z4

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