Eighteen thousand hours. A conversation with Jonathan Blow

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We welcome Jonathan Blow back to The No-Frauds Club to discuss Braid, The Witness, his game design philosophy, and how it all dovetails with the modern state of art and culture.

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0:00:00 The return of Jonathan Blow
0:00:11 When games are “about something” and Jonathan’s upcoming game
0:05:16 How games can set themselves apart from films and books
0:16:39 On the motivations of writers in the games industry
0:23:51 What if we never get to the better thing? And Elden Ring
0:41:55 Understanding what’s good, by accident or otherwise
0:53:39 Braid, and another angle on what the story could be
1:01:32 Balancing ideas and execution, and how they intertwine
1:07:51 Clarifying quantity vs quality, and the importance of one component
1:16:21 When feature creep affects the player
1:26:13 Being critical of games, and responding to critique
1:46:57 The merits of the critic, and “art reviews” vs “product reviews”
1:58:29 Seeking alternatives, and the homogenization of media
2:15:07 The reputation of being “elitist”
2:24:41 The Witness, one of Jonathan and Darion’s favorite puzzles
2:57:20 As a designer, comprehending the player’s experience
3:07:03 Closing thoughts and a bit of an attaboy

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By: The No-Frauds Club
Title: Eighteen thousand hours. A conversation with Jonathan Blow
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