EF Core Performance Optimization Challenge | 233x FASTER

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In this video, I’m going to be solving an EF Core performance optimization challenge. The goal is to optimize a poorly performing EF Core query and make it as fast as possible. My friend Stefan created the challenge, and there’s still time to post your submission. How fast can you make this EF Core query?

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0:00 What is the challenge?
1:55 Improvement 1: Upgrade .NET version
2:10 Improvement 2: Don’t load the entire Authors table
3:31 Improvement 3: Limit the number of Authors returned
4:46 Improvement 3: Filter the Books
6:11 Improvement 4: Fetch only required columns
7:48 AsNoTracking discussion
9:14 Improvement 5: Sorting before projection
10:08 Improvement 6: Filtered Include
12:02 Improvement 7: Query Splitting
13:12 Improvement 8: Get lucky

By: Milan Jovanović
Title: EF Core Performance Optimization Challenge | 233x FASTER
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSiGyPHqnpY

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