Dominate SEO With This ChatGPT4 Prompt

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Are you looking to dominate SEO with your blog content? Do you want to improve your website’s search engine ranking? If so, then you need to chat with ChatGPT4! With our easy-to-use chatbot, you can learn how to improve your website’s search engine ranking, and boost your blog’s traffic and visibility!This video should help you get a basic idea of how to utilize GPT4 for SEO content, and how to quickly and easily produce high level AI content that will rank on Google

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The Prompt I engineered:

write this entire article “The Legacy of Neapolitan Tailoring: A Cinematic Journey”, please mention “The Great Beauty” by Sorrentino, and mention that the tailor for all of the outfits in that film was Cesare Attolini.

Here are the internal links I want you to try to use when you mention brands. You can mention Kiton, Cesare Attolini, Boss, and more. Please use markdown formatting to include titles, lists, and these internal links using keyword rich anchor text:

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0:00 Intro GPT4 for SEO content
0:17 History of ChatGPT for SEO Content Creation
1:24 Finding a blog post topic using your website
5:05 First prompt, to find blog post ideas
6:21 Second prompt, One shot blog post Prompt with internal links
6:53 Putting your heart into an article, so that ChatGPT’s Output is better
8:36 Taking a look at the output and judging it, the content products here is way better
9:24 Showing ChatGPT4 and how it can pick up on information you don’t give it it
12:42 Running it through an AI Detector to test this

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Title: Dominate SEO With This ChatGPT4 Prompt
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