Divya Gokulnath of BYJU’S on motherhood, entrepreneurship & love | Karishma Mehta | EP 3 | HOB

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This episode is dedicated to the women who dream and to those who become!
Our guest for episode 3 of “How The Hell Did I Do It?” hosted by our Founder and CEO, Karishma Mehta , is THE #womaninbusiness Divya Gokulnath – Co-founder, BYJU’S !
Divya gets candid with us about that one class that changed her life and how at 21, she gave up going to her dream college abroad to become a teacher in India! A decision that led her to co– found BYJU’S and become one of India’s few self made billionaire women.
A leader, a mother, a wife, a daughter– the many roles of the woman behind the brand, this episode is going to leave you completely zapped at How The Hell Is She Doing It All?!

“How The Hell Did I Do It?” is a Humans of Bombay Original – a talk show where we speak with the dreamers, the pioneers, the go-getters and the never-say-no’ers from all walks of life. We discuss their journeys – the highs, the lows and everything in between. And through our candid conversations, we try to decode the human behind the name, and get pretty close to figuring out – How The Hell Did They Do It?

0:00 Introduction to the show
1.47 On childhood
5:43 Mom’s reaction on sponsoring the Indian cricket team
7:47 Indian women cricket team & equality
7:53 Divya as a student
9:09 On goals & ambitions as a college student
11:01 First class with Byju
15:25 Decision to not pursue Master’s from dream college
16:27 Taking the unconventional path
18:47 Parent’s reaction
19:47 Formulating BYJU’S
21:41 First office
24:25 Journey from being an introvert to extrovert
26:06 Dating Byju
28:00 On family life
28:51 Favourite quality about Byju
30:20 Balancing between work-life & personal life
31:37 On family’s support on raising kids
33:51 Juggling work & motherhood
36:52 Valuation & other numbers
38:51 Education For All
41:51 On hard work & luck
43:30 Things about you google doesn’t know
44:40 On SRK being the brand ambassador
45:14 Biggest fear
45:30 When she almost blew it at BYJU’S
46:43 Advice for 10 year old Divya
47:11 Parting words
48:24 Next guest

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Title: Divya Gokulnath of BYJU”S on motherhood, entrepreneurship & love | Karishma Mehta | EP 3 | HOB
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