Design is [Narrative] – Behind Every Good Design is a Story

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Designing thoughtful experiences requires more than just technology. Narrative is key to defining experiences that enable and empower our users. Speaker Alex Cook, explores how narrative can help designers better define and communicate design problems and solutions.

Design Is […] is a monthly speaker series on the future of design and creativity. Each public talk is centered on a theme, and the series highlights a broad range of perspectives on everything from human-centered design to VR and ethics. Learn more at:

5:44 We live in a magical time for technology
11:19 The narrative arc
15:15 The hero’s journey
17:54 Understanding user’s desires helps us solve their problems
23:05 Create the right tone for the design narrative
27:18 Show the right things to communicate ideas
31:29 Make the story immersive
37:40 immersive design in the future
39:47 Q&A

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Title: Design is [Narrative] – Behind Every Good Design is a Story
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