DAY in the LIFE: New York City w @Iam_Marwa and @IvainTures |Official Lauren Brown

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Join me on this Saturday Vlog as I take you with me to meetup with fellow creators, vloggers, and travelers @Iam_Marwa and @IvainTures, with a surprise guest appearance from Mr. Brown. If was a beautiful day out, though I do believe a member of our party was getting cold toward end of the days. Remember to LIKE this video, SUBSCRIBE, and turn on NOTIFICATIONS. So you do not miss out on my NEXT VIDEO/PODCAST WITH @IAM_MARWA, where we talk WHAT IT TAKES TO REACH 500K SUBSCRIBERS!

COMMENT BELOW: What is your favorite topping/flavor for NY Pizza? Least favorite? Why?

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By: Official Lauren Brown
Title: DAY in the LIFE: New York City w @Iam_Marwa and @IvainTures |Official Lauren Brown
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