Data enhancement strategies to prepare for 2023 with Versium @Leverage Lab

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What are you doing to prep your data for 2023 sales and marketing strategies? We’ll be chatting with industry leader, Leverage Lab, about the actionable steps you can take to prep, enhance, and activate data for sales and marketing success.

🟢 Data Prep
Before you consider anything else, the most important thing is to make sure the data you start with is in great shape. Clean, current, standardized and normalized.

🟢 Insights Data Enrichment
Understand who your customers and prospects are. Firmographic and demographic insight data is key for ICP identification and segmenting.

🟢 Identity Data Enrichment
Update aged data with current contact points and add new contact data to maximize your ability to reach your target audience directly or by digital activation.

Key Moments
3:00 Agenda
3:30 Importance of first-party data + identity technology
8:41 The dirty data story
11:50 Data prep
16:00 Clean data
16:42: Data enrichment
19:52 Insights data enrichment
21:11 Contact data enrichment
25:30 Activate data for digital advertising
28:47 The b2b marketer’s dilemma
32:10 Versium’s B2B2C Identity Graph
35:00 Online Audience Append increases marketing ROI

49:34 What would be the single and most important data point that can be enriched? Is there a contact point/data point when you’re enriching your data?
52:50 How do I start and who is this best for? Company size? What industry would this best for?


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Title: Data enhancement strategies to prepare for 2023 with Versium @Leverage Lab
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