Create a Content Marketing Plan for the Year in 30 Minutes

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Planning plays a big part in creating strong, high-quality content that helps you reach your desired audience. Creating ad-hoc content won’t work in the long run to achieve your goals. So why not avoid the stress and build a content plan for your business?

What is a content plan, why is it important, what should be included, and how can you create one for your business?

Ross Simmonds, founder and CEO of Foundation, a content marketing agency serving B2B brands, gives you all the answers in his video. Packed with tips and advice, Simmonds tells you how you can create a year’s worth of content in 30 minutes.

See how you can reach your goals, drive results, and elevate your brand in ways ad-hoc content just won’t.

Excited to kick-start your content ideas? Take a look at these resources to help you get started:

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Title: Create a Content Marketing Plan for the Year in 30 Minutes
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