Copywriting Success – Travis | The Real World | Interview #92

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00:35 What do you do?
00:43 When did you start copywriting?
01:44 How has it scaled since?
02:46 How did you find a client so fast?
03:45 Did you have any copywriting experience prior to joining The Real World?
03:54 How different is the copywriting language compared to what you learn in university?
04:52 How different is the material inside The Real World compared to what’s on the internet?
05:25 How much money have you made?4
06:16 Where do you see yourself in the future after already making $5,000 in a week?
08:43 Has the community had an effect on you?
09:09 How did it feel seeing the “WINS” channel for the first time?
09:37 What were your plans like before joining The Real World?
10:19 How is your average day NOW compared to before joining The Real World?
11:20 What do you tell people that call working so much “excessive”?
12:09 Biggest inspirations
13:26 Why do you choose to wake up at 4 am?
15:00 Where does a mentality like yours come from at 18 years old?
16:22 Degeneracy, lust, desires, and the dangers of following them
17:40 What was your biggest challenge inside of the copywriting campus?
19:16 Three biggest lessons learned in The Real World
20:35 Where do you see your life heading in 6 months to a year?
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Title: Copywriting Success – Travis | The Real World | Interview #92
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