Convert More Sales With Shoppable Videos + Shopify

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Convert More Sales With Shoppable Videos + Shopify

Have you ever thought of purchasing a product while watching a video ad on an E-Commerce store? Imagine if you could pause the video, click on the product you like, and proceed to buy them. Well, videos are changing the way advertising is done, and shoppable videos are at the forefront of this innovative change.

With shoppable vidoe, give the viewer the chance to interact with your video, let them buy, add to cart and check out right away!

To create a shoppable video, you need to use a platform that supports interactive elements and embedded links in the video. One great platform is Sharelo. With Sharelo, you can choose the perfect shoppable video display for your website. Choose from captivating stories stunning grids, dynamic carousels, and more to take your online store to the next level.

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🔗What is SHARELO?
Sharelo is a storytelling platform that lets you embed other types of content where you can easily create interactive multi-page stories combining videos, forms, documents, slides, and any form of content.**

It’s a no-code story editor that is powerful enough to empower your customer-facing teams through whole customer journey.

You can embed your various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and more all in ONE LINK!


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When creating content or stories with Sharelo, make sure you upgrade your FREE account to PRO if you want access to certain features and abilities, so you keep on creating amazing videos conversations! 🔥

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Title: Convert More Sales With Shoppable Videos + Shopify
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