Conversion VS. Conversations with Your Online Leads

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This is the 103rd Episode of Weekly Chime. In this episode, Janki Patel is back, and according to her, online leads are not always easy to work with and convert. Janki will share how to build long-lasting, nurturing relationships with your online leads. And how to stay on top of mind so when they’re ready, you’ll already be one step ahead and well-equipped to provide the best customer service.


00:05 – Intro
02:01 – Why should you have a database checkup?
05:32 – What can you expect in ChatGPT 4?
06:21 – What’s the structure for your online leads?
07:45 – Building a long-term relationship with leads
08:51 – Janki’s business structure
10:50 – Build a relationship with your leads by asking the right questions
14:22 – Achieving more with online leads
15:42 – Here’s what a “Call to action” look like
19:06 – What makes a great open rate for the newsletter?
25:16 – Which format should you send your newsletter to?
27:24 – This is why you should know your audience
28:26 – Janki, Brett & Trenton’s contact info
30:07 – Outro


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By: Chime CRM
Title: Conversion VS. Conversations with Your Online Leads
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