Conversion rate optimization conference: “The Online Ecommerce Conference for Conversion Growth”

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Watch the conversion rate optimization conference where 5 world-leading proven professionals in conversion optimization will share their practical experience and give you the most essential recommendations on how to improve your eCommerce website.

For the very first time on one virtual stage you will see:

▪ Optimizely, one of the best digital experience platforms,
▪ Baymard, an independent web UX research institute,
▪ CXL, one of the best online marketing institutes,
▪ Hotjar, a popular online service for usability analysis,
▪ Turum-burum, Google UX Partner in Ukraine and CRO expert.

The idea of the conference:

Most marketers continue to run ads on ineffective landing pages, and business owners continue to underestimate the benefits of website design because they have associated it with graphics rather than as a way to improve the user experience.

Therefore, we decided to gather the best conversion optimization experts from all over the world. They will discuss the common usability mistakes that cause you to lose sales. You will also discover the tools for collecting information about user behavior and how to invest in UX/UI design properly to increase your revenue.

You will learn at the conversion rate optimization conference:

– “Experimentation economy – How a culture of experimentation can deliver better ecommerce outcomes” from Mårten Bokedal, Director of Product Strategy at Optimizely.
– “Mobile UX findings from Testing the World’s Leading eCommerce Sites” from Rebecca Hugo, Senior UX Auditor from Baymard Institute.
– “Focus on your customers 101” from Karissa Van Baulen, Lead Customer Education Manager at Hotjar.
– “The myth of retention and CLV” from Juliana Jackson, Product Growth Manager at CXL.
– “How to constantly increase the conversion by gradually improving the site” from Denis Studennikov, COO and the Head of UX/UI department at Turum-burum.

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By: Turumburum – UX UI for improving KPIs
Title: Conversion rate optimization conference: “The Online Ecommerce Conference for Conversion Growth”
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