Content Marketing Strategy (Top 7 Tips and Tricks)

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Content marketing is a powerful strategy that produces serious results. Not only is it an effective way to build trust, generate leads, and increase sales, it’s a strategy that nearly any business on any budget can apply and benefit from. Now you may be sitting there thinking, “Been there, done that. Not for me,” or maybe you’re just exploring the idea of content marketing and not quite sure where to start. Either way, I can tell you that it absolutely can work to grow your business and it absolutely doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You just have to know where to focus your efforts. And by the end of this episode, you’ll have 7 Proven Content Marketing Tips to transform your content into the ultimate marketing tool.

Content marketing tip #1:
Begin with the end in mind

There’s only one place you need to look to map out an effective content marketing strategy, and that place is the end. Here’s what I mean. The best way to develop your plan by working backwards. Before creating any type of content, get crystal clear on your marketing goals and what it is you’re trying to accomplish. This is what’s going to shape and streamline your message, giving every piece of content a strategic purpose.

Content marketing tip #2:
Know thy customer

Here’s the bottom line: It’s useless to create content your target market doesn’t care about. Really, it defeats the purpose of content marketing altogether, right? This is why every single piece of content you create should hinge on knowing and understanding your audience. Creating an ideal customer avatar is one way to ensure you’re creating the right content for the right person.

Content marketing tip #3:
Salt in the wound

Goals can wait. Hopes and dreams can be saved for a rainy day. But nothing makes someone more determined to act than pain. Whether it’s emotional, physical, or financial, when someone hurts they’re in the market for something to make it go away. Now obviously you’ll want to avoid using cruel or dramatic tactics here. But the key is to bring awareness to the discomfort and follow it up by offering a solution.

Content marketing tip #4
Respect the platform

Content should look like it belongs and not be out of place. That means respecting whatever media you’re using and studying what style and form of content performs best there. The best way to do this is to take a look at what other successful content creators are doing on the platform and then see how you can adapt, customize, and unleash your very own version of it. Also, don’t be afraid to look outside your industry for inspiration, the last thing the world needs is another “me too” piece of content.

Content marketing tip #5:
Go where they are

A lot of valuable resources go into creating and distributing your content. So when it attracts little or no response, not only does it feel like time, energy, and money wasted, it discourages you from moving forward. So you’ll want to do everything possible to make sure your content doesn’t fall on deaf ears by choose platforms and channels your market uses. I know… sounds like common sense. But it’s easy to get sucked into using a million different social media channels just because they seem like the popular choice today.

Content marketing tip #6
Syndicate and Share

Once you have content, don’t be afraid to carve it up and share it across other channels and platforms. As an example a video can be turned into a podcast episode, can be transcribed into a blog post, and can be carved up further into Facebook posts, tweets, or condensed Linkedin articles.

Content marketing tip #7
Call to Action

You’ve just dosed your audience with a dangerous amount of high quality content. Now it’s time to use the opportunity to help guide your ideal prospect in the right direction. So do them right by providing them with the next logical piece of the puzzle. And you do that by ending every piece of content with a friendly call to action. Just like I’m about to do here.

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By: Adam Erhart
Title: Content Marketing Strategy (Top 7 Tips and Tricks)
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