Content Marketing Guide for 2021: The Recipe for Success

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Content marketing is most effective when you follow a pretty simple recipe with five ingredients you probably already have!

Like any great recipe, we’ll need to understand what we want to accomplish. Start with a content audit to help you align a content strategy with your business objectives.

SEMrush can help you set goals and metrics to improve your SEO results. Our audit tool helps with the first goal of identifying existing content that has great potential to rank high. You’ll also get insight to know what content should be updated or even that old stale stuff that should just be tossed out. And don’t forget internal linking. The audit tool will help you really dig into internal linking to help bake your SEO from within!

Like any great recipe, the details matter. Trouble is, SEO data can be a real pain to collect, unless you use the Content Audit tool here as well. With a few clicks, you can automatically gather all kinds of great data, including social shares by channel, backlinks and other details.

Rather than spending hours manually gathering this information, we serve it up easily so you aren’t running back to the store (so to speak) for the little ingredients you forgot!

We’ll ALWAYS need to adjust content marketing strategies. Doing audits periodically can help identify successes and assess those projects that just didn’t come out of the oven like you hoped. Do this at least once a year.

But watch your competitors and keep up on industry trends and topics. If your industry changes a lot, do audits more frequently. Some brands may need to do this monthly. Just figure out what works best for you.

00:00 Intro
01:06 Ingredient #1: start off with a full cup of goals and metrics
01:18 Basics step to a Content Audit
01:52 Boost your engagement
02:07 Example of metrics and file structure
03:20 Check user behaviour and sales!
03:31 Ingredient #2: add a few generous table spoons of content inventory into the mix
04:16 Ingredient #3: data, lots and lots of data
05:20 Ingredient #4: mix in a dash of action plan
06:13 Ingredient #5: be flexible!
07:09 Outro

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