Content Marketing for Beginners | In just 5 Minutes!

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As the saying goes Content is King.

And the data doesn’t lie:

Businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies.

And companies that use content marketing see 30% higher growth rates than businesses not using it.

So content marketing is a no brainer, right?

Yes. So let’s look at how you can use it to elevate your marketing efforts.


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In simple terms, content marketing is creating stuff like:

Social Media
Memes…and more”

Drawing customers to your brand, by informing them of something they want to know.

We call this Inbound Marketing

“This is where you create something that the audience seeks out. Instead of creating something that you force upon an audience. In the form of ads for example.”


Ok, so lets look at “how to go about content marketing”

There are two main elements and those are:

1) Create content

And this should have the goal of offering value for potential or existing customers

2) Distribute or promote your content

For content creation, your content can take many forms. From:
Blog Posts
And much more…

But creating content alone is not enough. You need to distribute it.

Some common distribution channels are:

1) Search
Via Search Engine Optimisation or paid ads.

2) Social Media
Via organic channels, or also through paid ads

3) Email
By utilising your existing database and customers, or building new leads and lists

4) Forums, communities or guest blogging.
Using other peoples networks and influence.

And always remember the 3 most important things for any piece of content is value, value, value

One of the most important things to rank on search, or gain traction on social media is to publish high quality content.

Or as Google’s John Mueller put it, you should focus on “awesomeness.”


I hope this video will give you a quick overview of content marketing.

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