Case Study: Shopee Advertising of Juju Health and Wellness | Genesis Meil Dizon

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If you’re trying to figure out how to run effective Shopee ads to increase sales, this is the video for you.

Shopee Ads have the power to position your business miles ahead of your competitors. Using Shopee Ads to find customers interested in your products can help you achieve your business goals, boost sales, or build your brand. Optimizing Shopee ads will also help speed up brand awareness and broaden your reach to a new customer base.

In this video, I will show you our Shopee ads strategy for JUJU Collagen, a top-notch self-care brand, and how we hit 20x ROAS using Search and Discovery ads. The framework you’ll learn in this Shopee ads tutorial will help you learn how to make more sales in Shopee, how to optimize your Shopee page, and how to target the highest keyword volume.

I will walk you through some Shopee ads tips and the step-by-step process of how I help eCommerce businesses generate 6-figures monthly.

Ready to go? Then, watch today’s video for Shopee ads tutorial!

Genesis Meil Dizon is an AdsLevelUp Mentor and an Omnichannel Marketing Strategist with over 4 years of delivering exceptional Facebook Ads services to clients. He started as an On-Page SEO Specialist in 2012 and eventually fell in love with Facebook advertising in 2017. His success stories speak for himself and what he can do. Genesis’s experiences and projects span a wide range of fast-growing businesses. When it comes to results, Genesis speaks your language.

Follow Genesis Meil as he helps eCommerce businesses and busy entrepreneurs build a good online presence and scale a 6-FIGURE INCOME through Facebook Ads. I’m sure you want to invest in a PROVEN solution that works! Grow your business today!



If you have any questions or want more information, you can call us or leave a comment down below. We are more than willing to help you out and promote your business!

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By: Genesis Meil Dizon
Title: Case Study: Shopee Advertising of Juju Health and Wellness | Genesis Meil Dizon
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