Biopolymers: The challenges towards their acceptance and implementation”, podium discussion ISBP2022

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(Sion, September 16, 2022)

At the last day of the 4 days symposium, nine renowned, international experts from academia and industry have come together to discussed and conclude on the controversial topic of why biopolymers have hardly penetrated the market yet and what are the major hurdles towards their acceptance and commercialization as well as how to properly communicate the advantages of biopolymers to the consumers, politicians, and different stakeholders of the value chain?

Expert podium discussion at the International symposium on biopolymers (ISBP2022)

The 18th edition of the International Symposium on Biopolymers (ISBP), organized by the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and the University of Stuttgart, took place in Sion on the Energypolis Campus from September 13 to 16. The event attracted more than 160 researchers, industry experts and start-ups from around the world to share their knowledge and the latest innovations and discoveries in the field of bioplastics. The symposium, which is a reference in the field, has been held every two years since its inception in Toronto in 1988.

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(From left to right)

Prof. Alexander Steinbüchel
Head of International Centre for Research on Innovative Bio-based Materials (ICRI-BioM)
University of Lodz, Poland

Prof. Jochen Schmid
Head of Institute of Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology (IMMB)
University of Münster, Germany

Prof. Kumar Sudesh
Applied Microbiology, University of Sains, Malaysia

Prof. Manfred Zinn
Group leader Biotechnology & Sustainable Chemistry, HES-SO, Switzerland

Prof. Tim Börner,
Scientific collaborator, HES-SO, Switzerland

Phd. Erwin Lepoudre
Market Development Manager Biopolymers, Kaneka, Belgium

Phd. Marcel Wubbolts
Chief Science & Sustainability Officer, Corbion, Netherlands

Jan Ravenstijn
Consultant Bio-based materials & Industrial R&D Management, GoPha, Netherlands

Prof. Andreas Künkel
Vice President, Head of Biopolymer Research, BASF, Germany

Phd. Francesco Distante
Research & Development Engineer, Sulzer, Switzerland

By: HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Title: Biopolymers: The challenges towards their acceptance and implementation”, podium discussion ISBP2022
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