BIGGER THAN NVIDIA: Top 3 AI Stocks To Buy Now

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I mainly invest in technology platforms and ecosystems. These are tools that other businesses build on top of, usually in exchange for a piece of their overall pie. Think about platforms like Apple’s (AAPL stock) app store, which takes a 30% cut of almost every dollar that passes through it. Or #nvidia Omniverse ( #nvda stock ) their enterprise hardware ecosystem.

Here’s the thing. I talk about @NVIDIA ALL the time but their stock is currently trading at a whopping 150 price to earnings ratio and a price to sales of about 25. Just for context, Tesla stock ( #tsla stock ) trades at a price to earnings of around 45 and a price to sales of around 6. So, since Nvidia is currently priced to perfection, here are a few awesome #stocks from companies building MASSIVE AI platforms and some of the exciting AI projects they’re working on right now. These could be some of the best stocks to buy now and hold for the long-term!

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Simply Wall Street’s Google ( GOOG Stock) Valuation – 33% Undervalued!

Amazon (AMZN Stock) Valuation – 19% Undervalued!

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Title: BIGGER THAN NVIDIA: Top 3 AI Stocks To Buy Now
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