[B2B Storytelling] Chris Rapozo – How To Build Trust With Storytelling in B2B

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With so many channels and so much content put out on a daily basis, B2B companies struggle to rise above the digital noise in a way that differentiates them. As such, how can companies create better content that is interesting, insightful, and delivers true value?

Join us in this week’s conversation with expert B2B content marketer Chris Rapozo (Marketing Specialist, Hannon Hill) as he talks about building trust with target audiences by telling better stories. During our discussion, Chris talks about why B2B companies need to focus less on their product or service features and more on how they are able to solve their customers’ challenges. He also elaborates on the mistakes to avoid, the importance of first-party data and research in storytelling, the role that emotions and rationale play, metrics to pay attention to, and what B2B marketers can do right now to improve their storytelling approach for better results.

Topics discussed in this episode:
• Common mistakes and misconceptions with regards to B2B storytelling and what should be done to address them. [5:40]
• The relevance of first party data & research to good storytelling. [9:15]
• The role of emotions and rationale when it comes to storytelling and B2B. [14:15]
• Actionable tips: [21:02]
o Check out TED Talk “The magical science of storytelling” by David Phillips (
o Experiment with data
o Read the book: “Storytelling animal” by Jonathan Gottschall (
o Learn about your customers through your sales team and customer success team to craft your stories
• An example of great storytelling in the world of B2B. [24:55]
• Specific metrics marketers should be paying attention to when it comes to B2B storytelling. [28:21]
• A status quo in B2B storytelling that Chris passionately disagree with. [32:44]

By: B2B Marketers on a Mission
Title: [B2B Storytelling] Chris Rapozo – How To Build Trust With Storytelling in B2B
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