Architecture Challenges Faced by Agile Organisations • Simon Brown • YOW! 2019

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This presentation was recorded at YOW! 2019. #GOTOcon #YOW

Simon Brown – Author of “Software Architecture for Developers” & Creator of the C4 Software @simonbrown4821

Despite architecture not being a trendy discussion topic, I’ve run hundreds of software architecture workshops over the past decade, for startups through to multinationals, across a wide variety of vertical sectors.

In this talk I’ll share my insights about the recurring challenges that organisations face. First and foremost are development teams skipping up front design and documentation in their desire to be agile? both of which can ultimately slow teams down. Then there are questions about whether architects and central architecture groups are still relevant, and how to give teams autonomy to change any line of code within the organisation without sacrificing architectural integrity. […]

Simon Brown • Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2 •
David Farley • Modern Software Engineering •
Dave Farley & Jez Humble • Continuous Delivery •
Woods, Erder & Pureur • Continuous Architecture in Practice •
George Fairbanks • Just Enough Software Architecture •

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Title: Architecture Challenges Faced by Agile Organisations • Simon Brown • YOW! 2019
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