Advanced Content Marketing Strategy (Step-By-Step) | A Look Into Neil Patel’s Brain

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Get a look into the mind of Neil Patel as he breaks down his personal content marketing process.

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We’re here to kick off the Advanced Content Marketing Summit. In this session, Neil will show the audience everything he does on his own sites, analytics, driving traffic, a bunch more. So, let’s get that screen sharing up. Give us just a few seconds.

Let’s first get started in my analytics. I think it’s already loaded. So, audience overview. You guys can see my traffic stats. There’s not really much to hide. So last seven days, I was at 214,000 unique visitors. That’s not too shabby, considering I don’t do paid advertising. There was like, two jumps. So this is August. Let’s look at August of last year, 2016. Keep in mind, I was also doing paid ads then. I was at 454. Now I’m at 200-something thousand in seven days, right? You guys see the difference? Like, you know, this is August 2016. This is, I don’t know, we can do a whole month like July. So, 454. I look at users, ’cause users is unique. So 454 to 695. So my traffic is still growing, and here’s one strategy that I did. It’s hard to see when I look at these months, but if you look at last year, so we can pick any day. Like, we can pick October 2016, and let’s go into some of my blog posts. The site content, all pages. So you see this? 13 secrets that’ll boost your Facebook organic reach. This post has 13,404 visits.

So we would take these keywords. I would sort ’em by impressions and click the rate. So, I can see which keywords have the highest impression count. Like, Facebook marketing strategy gets a ton of impressions for being on the eighth page. 80 position, 80.8, is usually eighth or ninth page, right, however you wanna look at it. So when I would look at all of this, I would sort by impressions, and then I would take all of these keywords, and I would integrate ’em within my blog post. So, let’s go to my post. And this post is now changed. It’s not 13. Facebook organic reach, search post. My editor is in there; Grant is currently editing.

Okay, you see it’s now called 20 Secrets That’ll Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach, versus the old one of 13 secrets. In other words, what I did is I took this post and I made it super detailed, and I added in all the keywords. It works really well each and every single time. So, the page is loading, and I’ll show you other examples that I did this way. Right, like, as you can see, and then I create a table with the list, where you can just click, and you can go down to the section, right, and I’m integrating the keywords within the content. The page is super long. If you look at how many keywords now, this post has 9,858 keywords, or technically words. Some of ’em are a keyword rank, some of ’em aren’t, and that’s how I rank better, is by modifying the articles and adding in all the keywords that do well, or that I’m at least getting impressions for. Then that way, I know what Google’s already ranking me for. If I discuss those topics within my content, I’m much more likely to get ranking. And I do this for a lot of my content pieces. I go through Google Search Console.

Every single week, we go and we figure out, all right, what are the most popular posts that we’re ranking for, and we just continually rewrite those articles. That’s what is helping increase our traffic and our rankings more than anything else. So, if I go month over month, keep in mind, August isn’t over yet. So I go to like, April. I know we weren’t doing it all the way back in April, and I go to today. August, of course, is gonna be lower than July, because August isn’t over yet, but as you can see, it’s pretty much growing, right? April, 15, then 12. June is when we rewrote the article, some time in June. July was our first full month, and like, look, it’s just going up. July, already, July first through 31st, 22,000 visits. July first to August 23rd, 21,000 visits. That shows, so 21,498. 21,498 divided by, let’s say 23rd, Clayton? That puts us on track or 28,000 visitors this month. That’s not too shabby, right, all because we rewrite the post and just put in more keywords.

By: Neil Patel
Title: Advanced Content Marketing Strategy (Step-By-Step) | A Look Into Neil Patel”s Brain
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