8 Principles to Grow Your Medical Spa with Video Marketing

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Looking for increased online traffic and lead generation for your medical aesthetics practice? watch this video and discover how to achieve this with Video Marketing!

YouTube is the second largest website in the world – are you actively marketing your medspa ? If not, Dori Soukup Founder of InSPAration Management shares how to create effective medical aesthetic videos to increase brand awareness, engagement and sales conversion.

Medical Aesthetic Content Marketing helps you be found online, generate leads, see you as the expert you are, educate your consumers, differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase medspa treatment sales.

On this webinar you’ll learn:

I. Access Your Point of Entry
II. Follow an Effective Medical Spa Marketing Video Structure
III. Use ChatGPT or other AI programs to generate great content ideas
IV. Record and Post Video Testimonials
V. Gather the Right Tools to Create Great Content
VI. How to Use YouTube Studio to Manage your Content

When consumers use the world’s largest search engine, are they finding your medical spa as the solution to their problem? Your presence on YouTube is determined by many factors that you have control over.

By creating compelling, appealing, informative video, about Botox, Fillers, Laser hair removal, weight loss, sexual health you can guide your viewers to your main point of entry, your website. There you present anti aging solutions and wellness solutions to their problems and to start a client relationship or journey with them. Ultimately, creating community is a key component of your video marketing strategy.

We offer two solutions maximize your presence on YouTube with video marketing.
1) Production Member Pricing
2) Editing Member Pricing

1) Don’t have the time to edit, SEO and publish medical aesthetics videos on YouTube? Let us do it for you! Reserve a consultation with VideoProductionDB.com and we’ll discuss how we can help you. let a team of experts guide you to produce great videos.
we can shoot, edit, create thumbnails, add graphics and music, implement SEO and publish your content so you can increase your brand awareness and generate more revenue for your medical spa

2) Have video content but don’t know what to do with it? Let us work with you! Shoot your video and upload to the cloud and we’ll take it from there. The team will edit, create thumbnails, add graphics and music, implement SEO and publish your content for you.

Both solutions have A La Carte and Member pricing. Reserve your consultation by visiting VideoProductionDB.com or call (386) 226-9909.


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By: InSPAration Management
Title: 8 Principles to Grow Your Medical Spa with Video Marketing
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELH22TqW__Q

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