8 Pricing RULES To Build A 6-Figure Writing Business

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How Much Should I Charge? Follow These 8 Simple Pricing Tips.
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Figuring out your freelancing rate is a crucial yet tricky decision for anybody who’s starting out.

I know pricing can be an uncomfortable topic, but here’s the great news – your pricing can change over time! In fact, it should as you gain more and more experience and find your groove.

Setting a rate now doesn’t mean you’re forever locked in to that price. Figuring out your sweet spot is an ongoing process of trial and error… and, like in any business, your market will help you gauge what’s too much, and what’s too little. Either way, you’ll learn quick and re-adjust.

There are 8 very specific factors that will INFLUENCE your pricing, and that is exactly what I’m covering in this video. Then download my 8-Point Pricing Checklist to give you an idea of how much to start charging for your work. Get My 8-Point Pricing Checklist:


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By: Alex Cattoni
Title: 8 Pricing RULES To Build A 6-Figure Writing Business
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap3R4iaE998

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