7 Cool Hacks That’ll Boost Your Conversion Rate

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You don’t have to be a designer or marketer to boost your leads and sales. Instead, there are simple hacks and tools you can use to increase your conversion rate.

Hack #1: Countdown clocks – when you add a sense of urgency it makes people move faster. Test having countdown clocks on your web site.

With tools like Deadline Funnel, you can even add countdown clocks within your emails and make offers expire within ease. That way people know there really is a sense of urgency.

The countdown clock on the Neil Patel homepage boosted my conversions by 11%.

Hack #2: Exit popups – with Hello Bar you can easily create an exit popup on your site. The exit popup on NeilPatel.com is one of the best converting offers.

Through Hello Bar you can even add an animated gif to the background like I have.

Hack #3: Free trials – most of your visitors aren’t going to buy. Why not offer the users who don’t convert a one dollar trial or a free 30-day trial?

This simple technique boosted my revenue by 15%. Sure a lot of the free trial users cancel after a month, but an extra 15% in revenue still isn’t bad.

This tactic here is how companies like Hulu and Netflix have grown so fast.

Hack #4: Use geotargeting – with Maxmind you can add the person’s location within your web site.

For example, if your visitor is based in Los Angeles, you can add their city to your headline to boost your conversions. Such as… “I am looking to help one entrepreneur in Los Angeles build a bigger business, my only question is, will it be you?”.

You can do the same thing for e-commerce or service sites.

Hack #5: Picsnippets – people love handwritten notes and personalized emails.

Picsnippets allows you to create a personalized email with the individual’s name on a photo. This makes your emails seem personalized to the person opening it, hence your conversion rate will go up.

Hack #6: Remarketing – everyone uses remarketing, but not why use it in a clever way?

For everyone who hits your checkout page and doesn’t buy, you should show them a remarketing ad/video that explains what they will get if they continue with the purchase.

Hack #7: Quizzes – through tools like Lead Quizzes you can engage with your audience first and then ask them for their email address.

You can use quizzes for any type of site. Let’s say you have a fitness site, you can create a quiz that breaks down how someone can lose weight and at the end of the quiz show them relevant products that will help them lose weight.

By: Neil Patel
Title: 7 Cool Hacks That”ll Boost Your Conversion Rate
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JlhzWgq3rg

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